7 Things You Need To Know And Understand To Avoid Anxiety

Those Instagram filters have made it easy for us to hide our emotions. And we practice it more than often, mostly just to hide our imperfections and please others around us. However, hiding your emotions is not a good option and those filters are doing an exceptionally sloppy job. 

Our feelings pile up and sooner or later we get stuck in a weird situation, a situation that makes our heart beat faster than Husain Bolt, we sweat for no reason and sometimes it even becomes hard to breathe. 

This weird situation is called anxiety, our body’s natural response to stress and other uncomfortable situations but it is not just this. Anxiety is a physical state that has mental side effects (this is what people failed to understand) and as a result, 90% of people don’t know how to deal with anxiety. 

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There are triggers (anxiety symptoms) that stimulate this condition, for some, it might the overwhelming feeling of joining a new office, for some it can be the excitement of meeting the family of their significant others. For me, it is the fear of losing people I love and the fear of oblivion. I’m afraid that people who know me today might fail to remember me tomorrow.

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This article is based on my personal experience of life and how I deal with my anxiety. And I decided to write this for the people I love (and the person who finds it hard to get out this mud called life). So without further ado, let me just write down the 7 ways on dealing with anxiety and restlessness. 

Questioning your thoughts

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Cognitive distortions are one of the main reasons we feel like in dump. These are irregular thoughts than made one perceive reality inaccurately. I myself find it really hard to make my mind shut-up, even though it’s all about the positive thoughts, sometimes I just want it to be quiet. But I know that’s not going to happen and more than often all that one have are the negative thoughts, emotions that we are trying to hide deep down inside our soul. 

That’s why questioning your thoughts is the right practice that helps you to find the logic behind your thought patterns. Stop assuming what other people think of you. Neither you are a mind reader nor you have sufficient evidence to conclude what other person thinks of you. Apart from the failed attempt to mind read, with these cognitive distortions we tend to try our hand of future telling as well. Predicting negative outcomes of things, “I’ll fail the exam” or “I’m not going to get this job” are some of the common examples. The simple way to deal with these thoughts is by finding the reasons. Most of the time we overthink and overstress ourselves. Reasoning with though will offer the clarity and just don’t overthink. 

Things you need to know and understand to avoid anxiety

anxiety symptoms

Stop taking stimulants, things such as caffeine, drinking alcohol, or smoking are some of the obvious triggers when it comes to anxiety. Now you can identify these triggers (anxiety symptoms) on your own, or you can take help from a therapist. 

Common anxiety signs and symptoms:

  • Feeling nervous, restless or tense
  • Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom
  • Having an increased heart rate
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Trouble concentrating as all you can think of is the present worry
  • Difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)
  • Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Having difficulty managing your worries
  • Having the urge to avoid things that trigger anxiety
“Is that all? Can I avoid those hard to breathe moments?”

No, we are not over yet. After discussing the topic with my friend’s Dad (he is a doctor), I’ve made a list of things you need to understand and avoid anxiety attacks (hard to breathe moments).

  1. Think of your anxiety as a biological problem, rather than thinking there is something wrong with your head. Anxiety is just a physical state that has its mental side effects. Treat the physical effects, to feel less stressed. 
  2. It won’t leave you alone, anxiety is repetitive. If you ever get an anxiety attack, chances are you’ll get them again. However, anxiety symptoms are also the same. You can to straight your back and cultivate a habit that will help you become more resilient to stress biologically.
  3. Stop taking stimulants, cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol, they might give you your worst nightmare. Weed might calm you down (it works for me) but if you see the anxiety symptoms don’t push it. And also, it’s illegal, so I’m not promoting it. 
  4. Keep a good diet, eating at least three times a day is the least can do for the better of yourself. Complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein. Eliminate sugar or at least don’t add another cube in your drink. 
  5. Don’t have to go to the gym if your work schedule doesn’t allow you. Though you have to start exercising, start with bodyweight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats and maybe some pull-ups. You won’t have enough energy to stress out after having a good hard work-out, believe me, it’s tried and tested. 
  6. Nothing is happening on your mobile screen, put it down and have a good night sleep. It is important for your body and brain, to repair all the damage you have taken to get done with the day. Disturbed or insufficient sleep regularly will definitely give you anxiety. Aim for a good-long 8 hours sleep and don’t worry if most of the night you able to get only 6-or-7 hours sleep.
  7. Have to start meditating because controlled breathing is the best way to avoid anxiety. There are a lot of resources available on the internet that can teach you meditation, you can also use Headspace one of my favorite app for meditating. Especially, if you have never tried meditation before, use Headspace mobile app and just fall in love with the magic of mindfulness. 

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In Conclusion:

Life could have been easy if people love to share what they have. But the fact that we all are selfish in one way or another has pulled down humanity down in the dumps where almost no one is happy. Why are we like this, why can’t we share the knowledge that we have, power that we possess, the money that we have earned to help someone less unfortunate? Is it because bad things always feel good. But let’s not stray from our main topic and recall what we have learned so far.

  1. Anxiety is a physical, biological problem. Treat it as such and don’t worry about the psychological effects.
  2. Re-read point one. And then do that again.
  3. You are not taking any stimulants from now on. 
  4. Pay attention to what you eat. 
  5. Exercise. Daily, until you’re tired.
  6. Make good-sleep your utmost priority. 
  7. Learn the breathing techniques, meditation is one way to go.
  8. And this one is not added in the main points but see the doc if you still haven’t found 

If you diligently follow the above. It is almost impossible for you not to get significantly better. These thinks will help you see the anxiety symptoms before it hits you. However, it will not be easy but the difference can be life-changing.

So, good luck buddy.

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