What Is The Best Time To Buy Airplane Tickets?

When it comes to booking flight tickets, people always ask the same question again and again, what is the best time to buy airline tickets? Should I buy my ticket on Tuesday for a flight on Wednesday? Should I wait or just buy now? 

Everyone has got their own way to find cheap airplane tickets. However, getting the cheapest deal every time is just not possible. Luck plays an important role but you can learn to play smart as well. 

As being your friends, I consider it my duty to help you get the best deal on flight tickets. So, based on the data gathered by experts here is the answer to your question. Here is how you can buy cheap flight tickets.

54 Days

Best Time To Buy Airplane Tickets

Yes, buying a ticket 54 days before takeoff is the best time to buy a flight ticket. After researching for more than 4 million trips, Cheap Air (travel site) has found that domestic flights are at their cheapest 54 days before the journey. However, if you miss the date, you can get the almost same deal (which is still cheap) from 104 to 30 days before your flight day.  

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The research also concluded that flight companies do offer sweet price drop deals a week or two before the take-off. But the deal is still nothing when compared to the 54th-day sweet spot. Apart from that winter holiday fares are cheapest in June. You can find reasonable deals till September, but the price will stay at the peak in November and December. 

The Best Day

Best Time To Buy Airplane Tickets

People usually like to book their flight tickets in midweek to avail special discounts that lead them to cheap airplane tickets get sold on Tuesday. Research showed that about 20% (highest percentage) of flight tickets However, recent research has found something else. Flight tickets are cheap on Wednesday but you can avail even cheaper deals on Sunday. Don’t listen to the internet, don’t pay attention to see and advertisements. 

The general rule reveals flight tickets are cheaper on less popular days. With this rule, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the days you can avail of the least expensive deals.

What About International Deals?

Best Time To Buy Airplane Tickets

International flight fare is more expensive than domestic flights. But it is way easy to find a cheap deal on an international flight booking. The first window opens 10 months before the flight date and another window opens up 3 months before the take-off. This a plenty of time to find and book a marvelous deal. Apart from that travel agents can offer better and more affordable options than any 3rd party flight booking website. 

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You can also get attractive deals by joining the carrier’s Twitter account, subscribing to their email list, and on their website as well. 

Refunds Are Your Last Best Chance

Cheap Tickets

Thanks to the law, you can get a complete refund of your ticket if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours. Even if you purchased a non-refundable ticket, airline companies have to abide by the law by refunding your complete payment on canceling your ticket within 24 hours. 

So, in case you have found a better deal, you can cancel your ticket and book gain under this new, more attractive deal. 

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In Conclusion

After reading what’s the best time to buy airline tickets, I hope you can get the best deal on your next flight booking. Hard-luck if you missed the best time, it will come back again. Share if you like and do tell me if you think this article is helpful.

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