5 Techniques To Help You With Decision Making Under Pressure

Making the right decision in life is not so easy. Because we usually see life in monochrome (black and white). We do see blue sky, the red sunset, and starlit nights, however, when it comes to making a decision we mostly focus on right or wrong. This certainly puts most of us in a dilemma, and we find it hard to make a decision under pressure. It would be easy if there are some easy to learn decision-making techniques, right?

Because it is too much pressure to ask your crush out on a date, that’s why you haven’t made any decision yet. Apart from that, life will put you in many other serious situations that ask you to make the right decision otherwise you’ll just welcome new troubles in life. 


No matter if you are a student, an employee, a doctor, or a CEO of a multinational brand, you have to have the decision-making skills. As the decisions you made today, will affect your tomorrow. 

So, if you are wondering how to learn decision-making techniques? I’ll tell you 5 different ways on how to make a decision under pressure. But before we start, let’s understand the basics first. 

What is decision making?

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the term decision making means – the process of deciding about something important, especially in a group of people or in an organization. However, that’s not it, from what to cook for dinner to which university you should apply for further studies are also the topics of concern and required you to make a decision. Especially when the last date for submitting your application is close and it’s now or never.  

To make the right decision under this pressure, first, take a deep breath and follow one of the following decision-making techniques.

1. Wait, relax, then think


When it comes to making a decision, the biggest problem a decision-maker is when to act. Too slow and you’ll lose the opportunity. Too quick and you might risk the whole project and eventually lose the opportunity.

So, wait, relax, and then think before you make any decision. More than often we have more time it seems to act. Don’t rush in, take your time, think thoroughly, and forget about the pressure. 

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2. Don’t fall for cognitive tunneling 


Don’t let stress take over you. As you might miss the important information that can help you in making the right decision. Stress is there, we get it! But look for all the options and don’t stress out.

Cognitive tunneling itself describes as the tendency of people dealing with a stressful situation, in which they are too focused on making the decision and miss on the information that is there to help them with the decision making.

3. Make a list of pros and cons


This is by far the best way to come up with a rational decision. Make a list of what can go right and what could go wrong with all the available options you have. 

This is what I usually do, not just this helps you explore all the available options, sometimes it even helps to come up with the innovative decisions too. But the most important benefit is that you will not stress, even if you are under pressure.

4. Decision inertia


Sometimes people face a psychological obstacle while making a decision, as all the options look bad. In this situation, people think and re-think but fail to act and find themself in trouble.

However, if you ask an experienced decision-maker, they will tell you to stop contemplating and find out what’s the best possible option. From all the options available pick the one that causes the least damage. 

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5. Consider what your role model would do


This is something you might have already known, but you always thought it’s just the part of a rom-com script. And never considered it as a decision-making technique. 

So, next time when you are in a stressful situation, consider what your role-model would do to come out of the situation that you dealing with. Consider what a leader (or positive person) would do in your situation.

In conclusion:

Apart from all these above-mentioned techniques that should have taught you how to make a decision under pressure, there is one more thing that you need to learn. And that is to relax and don’t stress. We mess up when we stress, so try to stay calm, try mediation for it, because stress is a monster that loves to surprise us. 

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