Unconventional Guide On How To Have More Time In Your Life?

We live in a fast-paced world. When I think hard on this, it didn’t use to be this way. I used to have an abundance of time when as a kid. But know things have changed, things have become easy at the same time.

Technology has helped us to become more productive. We can do the task in half time and with more efficiency. I have got more information on my phone than what I can get by reading one book every day for my entire life. I would have only got a blob of knowledge that this world has to offer by doing things traditionally.

how to have more time

Today, we have maps accurate than any mapmaker would have made. We can send information faster than any homing pigeon. But still what is it all for? It didn’t matter if I’m the wisest man in this entire world. No-one would care. Death is something that equals everything.

“It is not that we have a short time to live. But that we waste a lot of it.”

It is a quote by Seneca. Hard to understand but it is something that we all need to make out. People are in a race with each other to do better than the other person. It is good to see the enthusiasm of the people around you. But does it actually worth it? To me, it is hilarious and sad at the same time.

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The First Step To Have More Time

have more time in life

People are doing everything to become more productive, you save more time to do more things. That includes working on your personal project, enjoying the weekend with family and friends or doing anything that you want to do. We are trying to maintain balance in life. Trying to get every experience possible but still we don’t have enough time. Busy building capital to support our families, to have a life that we dream for. But still, it feels empty. Things are not the way they suppose to be. Many would suggest you need to see your priority.

However, that didn’t matter at all because being busy ≠ the best way of living your life. It’s not how to live a happy life. Doing things that will help you settle in the future are not the only things. All these monetary possessions are just bling. You are certainly doing good when it comes to handling your life. Earning for yourself, busy trying to do better than yesterday. But being busy is what I think is the main problem.

It doesn’t matter, you have no time to enjoy yourself. In this fake world, people are already very depressed. Then why are you consoling yourself to do the same? Why have you put-up that fake smile again? To satisfy yourself by pleasing others?

Take it 10% slow

Have more time

I’m not an appropriate person to answer the question of having more time in your life. However, from my experience of life so far, I have learned quite a few things. One of which has told me, how to have more time in your life.

The answer is simple, take it 10% slow. Do all the hard work, make it count, motivate others but take pause as well. Take a moment, have a deep breath. See things are not that bad around you. You are already doing good. Life is hard and you have survived till now. It isn’t that bad, I’m going through the same. Struggling with not having enough time. Doing a full-time job, trying to take out time for friends and family. Love is just an option because I need to take care of this blog post as well. And traveling, that too. But all I have just 24 hours in a day.

Maybe, thinking about all these things and trying to keep busy myself is the right option. Because with a job I get the money that I can spend on my friends, family, traveling and maybe a girlfriend. But keeping myself busy is what also keeps me from doing all this.

To be honest, I don’t want to stop. I’m afraid, I’ll waste a new experience by not trying this new thing. But does it hurt if I take a moment to actually sit with my mother and talk about my life? Instead of rushing to work and leaving the breakfast on the table. Does it hurt if go to work and do all my daily task but in the end go and watch a movie with my friends?

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Don’t Stress out

Have more time in life

It’s hard, we can’t control time. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. But you can control your thoughts. Maybe it’s okay to sleep without thinking of tomorrow. You can try to think of the “Maa kai hath kai rajma” that you had for dinner.

Stop stressing about things in your life and you’ll get to enjoy things. And you wouldn’t be able to enjoy things if you have no time.

In Conclusion:

Just try hard and do your best. Stop worrying about the results, and enjoy the process, even it is of getting terminated from a job, or getting your heartbreak. Feel the moment and stop worrying about what’ll happen next. This way you can have the time that you are looking for everywhere and the answer to how to live a happy life.

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