My 4 New Years Resolution And A Plan On How To Follow Them, Feel Free To Take Part 

New years resolution is cliche, and there is no doubt in it. But are they overrated too? Knowing the fact that most of us do make these resolutions every year. But when it comes to following them, hardly any of us make it by the end of the month. This does make resolutions look overrated. 

Our inability to follow our own decisions does make it worth nothing. Wouldn’t it be better if we don’t make any resolution at all?

NO! It wouldn’t be. Whatever you read above is just my lazy personality, telling me, “let’s watch something and forget about these reso…lution… or whatever.” Just, don’t listen to him and read what I’ve to tell you.

An opportunity to be better, to make the change in yourself and to make the change in the world you live-in is what you are going to miss if you believe new years resolutions are overrated and stop yourself from making one.  

I’m personally going to make 3 new years resolution only because it’s time to challenge life and tell the lazy me that it’s time to take a long nap. And come on, no one wants to miss the opportunity to be better, to make the change in yourself and in the world. So, these are my 3 new years’ resolution and my plan on how to follow them so that you can follow them with me too. I mean only if you want to be better. 

BEFORE YOU READ: You might find this article talking about mostly cliche. But I like to call them old school. So just bear with it.

1. Waking-up early

new years resolution

This one is the hardest for me but I think I can do it this time. In my life, I haven’t been able to wake before 6:30 for more than a week. I tried, many time but the result is always the same. Me snoozing the alarm at first and then ultimately removing the alarm from my phone for forever. But this time things are going to change. Because this time I’m not just promising myself you all are my witness. I can’t lie to all the people who are reading this. 

So, I’m set to wake up at 5, will be keeping my alarm clock away from my reach. Water bottle close to the alarm and lights will be shut by 10:30. It didn’t seem quite promising, seems like few things are missing. I know that. But this is the best I can come up with, as I have to leave for work early as traveling in Delhi takes time. 

2. Writing more

new years resolution

If everything goes right, I don’t have to worry about this one. I already write more than a thousand words at my work, every day. Though, lack of time and the feeling of tiredness keeps me from writing for myself. But no excuse this time. All I have to do is wake up early and I’ll have the time and energy that I was lacking in my usual day to write for myself.

To be honest, this one is the easiest for me, I love writing and I think by just waking up early, I would be able to defeat my writer’s block. You can write for yourself too. If you wondering how to start, just start writing a journal. You don’t have to do it first thing in the morning. You can do at any time, on your way to work, in your bed before sleeping or even at work. Doing this will help you get some self-realization, give you a better insight into how to address things in your life and who knows, by following this habit maybe you found a new hobby.

I don’t have a particular plan but I’ll try to write more articles here. For my fellow travelers, people who love peace and like to explore. 

3. Exercise more

new years resolution

Two years back, I almost got the body I wanted but then shit happened. I meet the lazy me. It was hard to do anything productive after that. I need to get back on track, maybe I’ll join the gym, but for now, I’m focused on making no excuses. So no matter if I join a gym or not, I’ll be doing 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 100 crunches every day. 

You can start by going to a run in the morning or follow the same 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 100 crunches challenge. Though, you can start with an even more simple work-out plan. The aim is to become more active. You can even try yoga or any other form of exercise that you wanted to do.

4. To Proofread


This one is the most important. I never proofread my articles and that’s a bad habit. Most of my articles ended up with lots of typos (sometimes grammar too). I made a few changes in this article too, after making it live. It’s a bad habit, I don’t want “fuck” to sound like “duck” because of my laziness. I need to start proofreading, need to make it a habit otherwise it’s just too boring to proofread.

This was not initially the part of my resolution but after my Guru Dev texted me to tell that I have written “Walking” instead of “Waking” in my first point. And please let me know if you still find any mistake.

Plan to follow new years resolution

To be honest, there are no such plans, as plans hardly go as planned. But did you notice anything similar in all my resolutions? I’m not talking about the above sentence, talking about the resolutions. Did you notice they all support each other? Just by waking-up early I can follow my other two resolutions too. Plus, all have got a reason to adopt (at least for me).

You can do the same, pick the habits that complement each other and are easy to manage. Be realistic, you can’t make the jump in your first step. Getting better and making a change takes time and it asks you to stay consistent. Just keep this in mind and you’ll be able to follow any resolution, pick up any habit and be able to make all the good changes in your life.

Comment down below what’s your resolution? Do you think this article is good? 

P.S. Happy New Year (I know it’s cliched, but whatever).


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