Planning a Trip To Mountains? Here Are The 15 Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

If you are a traveler and you got a special part in the heart for mountains, this article is for you. You must have already made many visits to Himachal Pradesh. It is a north Indian state that houses several majestic mountains, close to nature valleys for your Instagram posts and obviously the adorable dogs. People are also very nice though you have to visit them yourself to find this. 

And just to push you little more, here are the 74 places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Go for trekking near the glacier or spent a nice, cozy at in the beautiful resorts of Dalhousie. 

1. Kullu

places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Famous for the great Himalayan range and its greenery, Kullu is quite popular in India as a hill station. It’s a perfect destination for you to spend your summer vacation with your friends or family. In earlier days Kullu was called Kulanthpith which means “the ned of habitable world.” However, it is also known as the “Valley of Gods” and resides two of the famous temples, Bijli Mahadev Temple and Raghunath Temple. 

Places to visit:

  • Basheshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Sultanpur Palace
  • Parvati Valley
  • Great Himalayan National Park
  • Kasol
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Manikaran
  • Bhrigu Lake

2. Spiti Valley

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

The perfect destination for a bike/road trip, long winding roads to reach and explore the various parts of the valley are just amazing. You might find some rough patches but they won’t bother you when you have the mesmerizing view of this cold desert. However, you can only visit this place during the summer. As the thick Himalayan snow makes it hard to reach the valley during winters, cutting it off the world for 6 months.

Places to visit:

  • Chandra Lake
  • Key Monastery
  • Kunzum Pass
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Suraj Tal
  • Dhankar Monastery

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3. Shimla


Known as the summer capital of India during the British Raj, Shimla is the most popular hill station in India. Beautiful lakes surrounded by the greenery and majestic snow-covered mountains is something that you should go and see yourself. Spend the day at Mall Road, go take a walk to the Jakhoo Hill, enjoy the happy moments of your life. 

Places to visit:

  • The Ridge
  • Jakhoo Hill
  • Mall Road
  • Kalka–Shimla Railway
  • Christ Church
  • Indian Institute Of Advanced Study
  • Summer Hill
  • Kufri
  • Annandale
  • The Shimla State Museum
  • Chail
  • Solan
  • Daranghati 
  • Sanctuary
  • Naldehra And Shaily Peak
  • Arki Fort

4. Manali

Places To visit In Himachal Pradesh

You’ll find this place filled with tourists and travelers as this one of the most popular places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. You can try several adventure sports in this Himalayan town. It is the first stop for the people who are coming to visit the Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. While you stay in Manali, apart from adventure sports you can also visit the famous Hidimba Devi Temple. You can click several Instagram pictures with your partners. 

Places to visit:

  • Rohtang Pass
  • Solang valley
  • Hadimba Devi Temple
  • Vashist Hot Water Springs
  • Tibetan Monasteries
  • Beas River
  • Gulaba
  • Kothi
  • Manu Temple

5. Dharamshala 

Places To Visit In Dharamshala

House of Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is popular for its Tibetan culture and monestries. This beautiful valley is surrounded by snow-clad mountains from three sides. Because of the high mountains, you can have a scenic view from almost every part of the valley. 

Places to visit:

  • Tsuglagkhang Complex
  • Namgyal Monastery
  • Masrur
  • Kareri Lake
  • Gyuto Monastry
  • Kangra Museum
  • Kangra Fort
  • Dal Lake in Dharamshala
  • Naddi Village

6. Dalhousie


Named after the lord Dalhousie, governor of British India in19th century. Dalhousie was one of the few British colonies that still retains its colonial look. This is the perfect romantic gateway for you, beautiful meadows and vast valley will help you come close to your partner. 

Places to visit:

  • Khajjir
  • Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
  • Ganji Pahari
  • Dainkund Peak
  • St. Francis Church
  • Panchpula
  • Chamera Lake
  • Garam Sadak
  • Shubhas Baoli
  • Sach Pass 

7. Kasauli

Places to visit In Himachal Pradesh

If you are planning a laid back vacation for yourself this is the perfect destination for you. Poplar as hill station and scenic views, Kasauli has got some of the best viewing spots, you can go out and explore spots from where you can enjoy some of the best views of the valley. The best part is you can explore the town in just one day.

Places to visit:

  • Kasauli Brewery
  • Christ Church
  • Sunset Point
  • The Mall
  • Manki Point
  • Krishna Bhavan Mandir
  • Gilbert Nature Trail
  • Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple
  • BarogGurkha Fort

8. Kasol

You must have already heard of this from one of your friends. It is not my favorite place but for different reasons. Situated near the bank of the Parvati river, the place is best for your 420 smoke sessions. This place is certainly perfect to capture some of the best travel pictures for Instagram. If you are into trekking this place offers several options to you. And ya, that’s me in the photo.

Places to visit:

  • Kheerganga Trek
  • Tosh Trek
  • Chalal Trek
  • Malana Trek
  • Rasol Trek
  • Manikara Gurudwara
  • Pulga

9. Solan

Places to visit In Himachal Pradesh

Also known as ‘The mushroom city of India’ and ‘City of Red Gold’ as it offers the best environment for mushroom and tomato farming. The place has quite moderate temperatures, which means you can enjoy it any time of the year.

Places to visit:

  • Mohan Shakti National Park
  • Karola Tibba
  • The Mall Road
  • Shoolini Mata Temple
  • Motilal Nehru State Library

10. Chamba

Places to visit in Himachal

Just like its name the place is also famous for its beauty, especially among nature lovers. Situated close to the bank of river Ravi, Chamba is a perfect retreat for people who are looking for a break in their life. On your visit to Chamba you can also visit Dalhousie spent your weekend at a cozy resort.

Places to visit:

  • Akhand Chandi Palace
  • Champavati Temple
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple
  • Chamunda Devi Temple 
  • Bhuri Singh Museum

11. Chail

Places to visit In Himachal pradesh

Famous for a lot of different things, but to me, it’s the best destination for families to spend their summer vacation. Warm pleasing weather, along with the beautiful views of Solan, Kasauli, and Shimla is just the best. Apart from that if you are a cricket lover this place is made for you, as it houses India’s highest cricket ground.

Places to visit:

  • Cricket Ground
  • Maa Kali Temple
  • Chail Palace Hotel
  • Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

12. Trinath Valley

Trinath valley

Offering plenty of options to explore and do some adventure, these places is for nature lovers. You can find some of the untouched sites where it’s very easy to find the peace you are looking for in your life. Surrounded by the snow-covered peaks, you might not find a lot of India travelers here but the place is popular among foreigners, certainly, it is a place to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Places to visit:

  • Trekking To Great Himalayan National Park
  • River Crossing
  • Serloaskar Lake
  • Trout Fishing (if you are into fishing)
  • Magical Trinath Waterfall
  • Great Himalayan National Park

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13. Malana


Located in the Kullu district, neighboring valley to my favorite Parvati valley resides Malana. Isolated from the entire world you might not feel welcomed here. But don’t worry people are not that bad. Their strong cultural beliefs make this place perfect for peace lovers. You can enjoy the trek and some good stuff (if you know what I mean) when you reach the Malana village.

Places to visit:

  • Kullu
  • Parvati Valley
  • Bijli Mahadev
  • Kasol

14. Friendship Peak

Places to visit in Himachal

Trek heaven, situated at an elevation of 5,289 meters in the Pir Panjal range in Himachal Pradesh, Friendship peak is for adventure lovers. Hard, excruciating trek to the top might feel not-doable if this is your first time. But just keep pushing until you reach the top to enjoy panoramic views of the Pir Panjal.

15. Tosh


Known well among stoners and my second home, Tosh is a village in Parvati valley. If not the trek (quite an easy one) then you definitely love the beautiful view of snow-covered mountains. April is my favorite time to visit Tosh, you can visit it anytime in the summer. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Places to visit:

  • Kheerganga Trek
  • Manikaran
  • Pulga
  • Kasol Trek

In Conclusion:

You don’t have to make a foreign trip to travel, our India is pretty spectacular itself. Above are just a few examples. Himachal Pradesh is very wast, I haven’t even covered half of the places in this article.  So, if you want me to cover more, do mention it to me in the comment or no my social media. Till then visit these places in Himachal Pradesh.


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