Inspiration And You: 7 Simple Practices On Finding Inspiration And Make It Stick

I wanted to write this article way before but I wasn’t able to manage time. Apparently, you need to know more than just writing to run a blog. So, I was doing my research learning new things. But now seems to be the perfect time to write about Inspiration.

Stuck at home, people certainly have a lot of time when they are thinking about things. Some of you might be bored watching Netflix and browsing through the internet, looking up at the ceiling, in the hope to find inspiration. That you are not going to find there.

That’s why today, I wanted to talk about it. So let’s start with the first basic question. But before that, if you are in a hurry and just want to learn to find inspiration. Skip the next two headings and jump directly to the heading that reads “This is finding inspiration works.” You’ll find all the answers.

What is inspiration?


The word is quite fancy, and its definition from Oxford does seem to make it sound the same, fancy. According to the Oxford dictionary: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative is called inspiration.

This definition is very much true but not entirely true. Inspiration is certainly about creativity, after all, it’s the creative thinking that helped a writer to come out of his writer block. And he decided to write about that crazy incident he once had while seeing the stars in the night sky. 

It’s that idea that kept a painter awake for more than a week. Because he knew, if stop for anything he might lose this inspiration that he had and this masterpiece will end up being just another piece of his art. 

All this true, but this sounds pretty hard. A writer couldn’t write because he didn’t have inspiration, a painter couldn’t paint because he has lost the inspiration.  

Imagine, instead of releasing a new album at the end of this year, Eminem decides to declare that “there will be no more songs from my side, I have lost my inspiration.” I mean, I will die with a heart attack. 

If inspiration is that hard to find, an artist who wants to create something to express themselves will die waiting. Because according to that definition that we just learned, finding inspiration is harder than finding the right girlfriend. 

So what’s the real inspiration?

finding inspiration

I agree inspiration is something that pushes us to do that one thing that we were having difficulties to complete. However, this not a game of waiting and finding that special thing, that moment that helps you to find the answers to the question that are giving you a headache. 

Not everyone is lucky to see a dream that inspires them. It happens but those dreams are rare, believe me, I see too many dreams. That’s why you have to make an effort to do what you wanted to do.

 Clear up our mind or maybe mess it up even more with some random thoughts. Then move forward towards the blank screen of our laptop or towards the big white canvas and do what you suppose to do, create. 

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Maybe you have already found the inspiration, you just didn’t realize. Or in the worst case, this would be just a failed attempt to create a masterpiece. Even if inspiration is missing, you have moved close to it. By trying what you supposed to do. you have opened the path for that dream, that can be an inspiration.

And if that doesn’t work, don’t worry, I’ll help you by telling how to find your inspiration.

This is how finding inspiration works

Finding inspiration is not that hard, with the right mindset, when you can see things clearly. You’ll be able to separate and see par the crowding thoughts inside your head and find that golden idea. Here are the 7 simple practices to help you find your inspiration and make things a little easy for you.

1. Exercise your mind

Reading is important

Read, exercise your mind by seeing the words painting a picture to you. I would suggest you not to pick a fiction and read mostly the self-improvement book that will help you make a positive change in your life. However books the “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand, is one of my favorite books that inspires me a lot. 

Make it a practice, read essays or self-improved books before you start your day. As you progress with the reading, end your day with reading as well. Trust me you’ll be surprised to see the changes that you’ll see in yourself withing a month. 

2. Spending time alone attracts inspiration

finding yourself

Well not literally but spending time away from any distraction is when we get the best ideas. Sit in your room or maybe on the roof, stare at the close sealing or never-ending blue sky and ask yourself “what’s next.” After that be an audience to the show your mind and unconscious self going to present. Allow your thoughts to run, make them do the magic, let your thought find you the inspiration. 

At the start, your head will become more crowded, but soon you’ll have enough stats presented by your mind that will tell you what’s next. 

3. Listen to music


Music is very powerful, it’s a way for an artist to express himself. Being able to see the story behind the lyric, is counted as a good inspiration. And it’s a common practice too, though people don’t usually look for inspiration while listing to the music. 

Luckily, music left inspiration on our conscious too. No matter if we are trying to find inspiration while listing to music or not. It comes to us easily when we are grooving.  

There is even research that tested a person for his intelligence after listing to Mozart and the results showed that his intelligence (creativity) went up by 10 points. 

4. Start doing some exercise

finding motivation

Start with a morning walk or a jog, breath in the fresh air and see how your surrounding looks in the bright light of sunrise. This will not just give you some good lighting to take beautiful Instagram pictures. But exercising also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

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It helps your mind to clear up, you can see the inspiration coming your way easily when your body and mind are less stressed. The pumped feel of your body after exercising will be enough to put you in a grove to create your thing. 

5. Set your goals and follow them

finding motivation

Set a goal if you haven’t already. Do all the things that you need to do to reach your goal. If you have to learn new skills, do it, learn them, and then apply them to reach closer to your goal. If you are struggling to create your masterpiece, follow a pattern that will put your brain into practice, and sooner or later the inspiration will strike you and you’ll have the masterpiece. 

6. Socialize, listen to other peoples stores

Listen to stories of others

You are not the only one having a hard life. There are many others like you, some of them have even gone through hard things that you can’t even imagine. This will make you feel how privileged and the fact they are standing right in front of you even after all the bad that they had been through, will certainly inspire you in your life. 

7. Give back, help others

Inspire others

Last but the most simplest way to get inspired is by helping others. If you have found your inspiration, you certainly don’t want to lose it. Helping people with the money and the wisdom you have earned so far gives you the sense of happiness that inspires you to do more good not just for yourself but for others too. 

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In conclusion

Because no story can end without a conclusion. Inspiration is certainly the creativity that helps you to express your thoughts elegantly. It also gives you a sense of achievement. People think, finding inspiration is not easy. However, by reading everything mentioned above you know what you have to do if inspiration is not coming to you. Or how to make it stay, if you have already found it. 

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