Travelers Guide On How To Pack For Your Next Trip

When it comes to traveling, one thing that I notice is that not everyone knows how to pack. Lack of experience might be the reason behind this but I certainly feel sad for people when they pack everything but still forget the important stuff. That’s why every traveler needs to master the art of how to pack.

Toothbrush is one of the necessity but people still don’t remember to pack it their bag. Not knowing what to pack usually ended up with you carrying a large bag throughout the trip. And not just this but it also gives rise to unnecessary expenses.  

It’s time to get over with these novice mistakes. Here is how to pack your bag for traveling. Now, this might not go for everyone, as everyone has different needs. I don’t carry dresses with me because I’m a guy but ladies might want to. This is a generic list that can teach you how to pack, you can make the other changes according to your needs.

How Many Clothes Do I Actually Need?

How to pack

Clothes are something that usually takes 50% space in my bag. Good thing that I’m comfortable wearing the same jeans for a week (don’t judge). But I know everyone is not that comfortable and love hygiene. But it’s okay to wear the same t-shirt or jeans more than once without washing. This way you’ll have to carry less stuff and will get less tired during those treacherous trekking. 

  • 3-4 shirts/t-shirts depending on what you are more comfortable in and also on the weather.
  • 2 pair of jeans 
  • One pair pajamas or gym track
  • 3-4 pairs of socks (this is important)
  • 7 pairs of underwear (usually 1 per day; or less if you are comfortable with doing laundry during the trip)
  • 2 bras (I asked my girl-friend for this and no it wasn’t awkward to ask).

I’ll do the modification according to my destination and the time of the year I’m traveling. You can add some shorts and maybe swimming suits for your trip to the beach. While the need to add scarfs, jackets and a cap for your trip to the mountains. 

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Toiletries You Need


Okay, I might be comfortable wearing the same jeans for a week but that doesn’t mean I’m unhygienic. However, packing toiletries is not that easy, packing all the liquid items is not a wise option. Especially when you know you are going for an adventure. That’s why you need to learn how to pack, good thing there are a lot of solid toiletries options available that can save yours from the mess of spilled liquids in your bag.

  • Solid shampoo bar (you can buy one from Amazon)
  • Shower gel or bar soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Razor (if you mind having a beard)
  • Nail clippers and nail file

There are a lot of non-toiletry items available in the market you can try them according to your needs. Girls might be thinking about their make-up, well my personal opinion you’ll look even more pretty without make-up. 

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All The Gadgets And Electronics You Need

How to pack

Going for a trip, away from the crowd or maybe into a huge crowd there are few items of technology you need to carry. I usually travel and work that’s why I need to carry my laptop with me. That’s why my bag is a little extra heavy sometimes. However, that won’t be a case with you. Here are the things that I carry and you should make sure to pack them as well. 

  • A camera and its memory card (of-course)
  • Chargers of your mobile and other electronic gadgets
  • Maybe a portable speaker
  • Ebook reader

These are the electronic gadgets I like to carry with me on all my trips. You can include or exclude any other electronic item that you want to carry with you. 

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Anything else that you need to carry?

Obviously, the list isn’t over, as you might not forget all the above-mentioned items but there are few things that you are definitely going to forget. Things like your medicines, antiseptic cream or some pain relive medicines are always must to carry. In order to master the technique of how to pack this is something, you’ll always have to carry. You might not need them on your trip but on a bad day, if something goes wrong, you’ll face a lot of problems to find these medicines.

Other than that do remember to pack your IDs and passport. These are really important don’t leave them back in your drawer at home like Joe. And that’s it, you are done with your packing and know you know how to pack your bag.

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